Remove Tavanero Search “Virus” (How-To)

Remove Tavanero Search “Virus” from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, in just a few easy steps with our removal guide which work with all versions of Windows.

This article’s topic is a program called Tavanero Search “virus”. This piece of software is identified as an exemplary browser hijacker. This software type can modify all known browsers in terms of their appearance and behavior. All Chrome, Firefox and/or Opera browser can be set to produce endless streams of online ads; to redirect the victim user to various, often strange, web pages; or to display a search engine and/or homepage different from the originally set ones. Such software might really cause great annoyance. In order to know how to avoid, fight and remove these programs, read the information below.

Browser hijackers? What kind of software do they represent?

Tavanero Search as well as all the programs from its family are known to possess all the features mentioned in the intro. Their targets are indeed all your favourite browsers and they might affect them in such a way that your browsing experience could really be spoiled. What else you should know about all these programs is that they could access the browsers’ history databases and base all the produced banners and pop-ups to the products and services you have recently been interested in and looking for. However, this behavior is legal and no passwords, credentials and accounts can be hacked or stolen with the help of such a program. Also, you need to know that browser hijackers are often capable of generating a great number of pop-ups and a big share of your system resources might be consumed for this purpose. As a result, your computer might become more sluggish than it usually is.

Why are such programs created at the first place?

This kind of software is marketing-driven. Its developers strive to create the most efficient online marketing tools as the Internet is the new stage for all advertising. Such programs are legal and provide an opportunity for the promotion of goods, services – even new websites and search engines. All the changes that you see made to your browser happen because the creators of Tavanero Search have been generously paid to make their program invoke such modifications.

Is there anything malicious about Tavanero Search “Virus”?

There have been NO reports of any malicious activity caused by the appearance of Tavanero Search on somebody’s computer. There are only reports of the great irritation such software may cause by displaying ads and provoking redirections. To illustrate the quite harmless nature of this hijacker, we have prepared a comparison between its possible effects and the ones of a real threat such as a Ransomware virus.

  • The Ransomware-based virus infects your PC without any direct or indirect permission. Once it comes to your PC, it begins to dig deep for the data you most often use and then – has it encrypted. Then the real harassment comes with the ransom-demanding notification that you receive – the hackers want your money or your files could be lost for you forever.
  • Tavanero Search as a usual browser hijacker has NEVER been programmed to do any such harmful things. Its effects are mentioned above and are rather harmless. Moreover, the way it gets distributed usually involves you unknowingly agreeing to let the browser hijacker inside your system. Such a program cannot function on its own or self-replicate in any way.

Distribution methods

Hijacker developers use many various sources to distribute hijackers. The most common ones are the so-called bundles. Bundling is the process of mixing various software types (like apps, games, hijackers and Adware) and spreading that mixture together in the so-called ‘bundles’. These bundles are usually considered non-invasive and harmless. However, you may be lured into IMPROPERLY INSTALLING such a combo and letting such an annoying program as Tavanero Search in. This happens because people are generally impatient and want to play a game immediately or access an interesting piece of software as soon as possible. As a result, they may be inclined to install any bundle in the easiest, quickest, or the default way – using the simplest installation method. The only things they may achieve by doing that are infections with disturbing programs. Remember that the secret of getting a part of any bundle for free and using it and excluding the hijackers and the Adware from your system is to use the correct installation method – either the Custom or the Advanced one. Of course, you may also get Tavanero Search from a contaminated web site, from a torrent or from somewhere else on the Internet. To remove it from your system, it is recommended to closely follow our instructions that you will find in the Guide after this article.

Tavanero Search “Virus” Removal

Safe Mode and Hidden files and folders

Before you begin the removal you have to enter Safe mode on your PC. If you don’t know how to that that we’ve provided our own guide for your cnvinience.

Next Reveal Hidden File and Folders. Again, check our guide if you need any help.

Uninstalling suspicious programs

 This is probably one of the most important steps so make sure you are thorough with it. Open your Start Menu and in the search field type Control Panel. Open the first search result and go to Uninstall a Program. Carefully look through the resulting list for any installs that you do not recognize and/or that seem suspicious. If you find any, select them and click on Uninstall.


Disable suspicious startup programs

 Next – once again go to your Start Menu and type System Configuration in the search field. Open the first result and go to the Startup section. Again, look for any suspicious programs and if anything seems out of place or is from an unknown manufacturer, disable it and click OK.


Check your DNS

 For this one, you’ll have to access your Network Connections. If you are a Windows 7 user, go to your Control Panel and in the search field (top-right) type adapter. Then, under Network Sharing Center, click on Network Connections. If you are on Win 10, simply type Network Connections in the search field next to the Start Menu button and hit Enter.


 Next, right click on the icon of the adapter that you are currently using and select Properties. There is a list from which you must click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IP) and then select Properties. If the DNS is not set to Obtain DNS server automatically, make sure you set it that way.


 After that, go to Advanced and then to the section labeled DNS. If there is anything in the DNS servers addresses field, make sure you remove and press OK.

Clean your browsers

  1. First, right click on your browser icon and select Properties. Go to the Shortcut section and delete anything written after .exe in the Target adware-guide-6
  2. This step varies depending upon what browser you are using
    1. For Chrome: Open your browser and open the menu in the top-right corner. Select Settingsadware-guide-7Then, select Extensions (top-left). adware-guide-8Remove any questionable and suspicious-looking extensions. Also, we suggest to go back to Settings, access the Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page and us Clear browsing data to make sure nothing is left of the unwanted software. adware-guide-9
    2. For Firefox: Open the browser and access its main menu (top-right corner). Go to Add-ons > Extensions and remove everything that looks shady and unwanted.
    3. For IE: Click on the settings icon and select Manage Add-ons. In the resulting list, eliminate anything that you think might be related to the problematic software.adware-guide-10

Remove suspicious processes

Now, open your Task Manager (R-Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and go to the Processes tab. Look carefully through the list and find the unwanted program’s process. Right-click on it and open its directory. Delete everything in there and then go back to the process it self and end it.


That’s it! Tavanero Search should no longer be present on your PC. If you need any more help or have questions of any kind feel free to contact us in the comment section below!